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Our volunteers embody the spirit of what it takes to provide a positive park experience to our guests and assist staff in managing and maintaining the park's resources. Our volunteers make the park a better place!

Recently, Park Services Specialist Stephanie York presented Lynette Shott with her 250 hours certificate.

Park Services Specialist Stephanie York also presented Lynn Chadwick with her 1000 hours and 2000 hours certificates. Lynette and Lynn serve as campground hosts and do an excellent job of keeping the campground and bathhouses pristine.

Rebecca Elkins is an indispensable volunteer in the ranger station, providing top notch customer service to park visitors and campers.  Rebecca recently achieved 250 hours of service.  Likewise, Jim Slater is irreplaceable as a maintenance volunteer and poured his heart and soul into repairs and maintenance projects, achieving his 3000 hours milestone while at Gamble Rogers. 

Volunteering for the first time with the Florida Park Service, Mike Fadden and Brie Breland excelled as campground hosts for the beachside campground. The park is grateful to have such stellar individuals on the team!

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