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Volunteers are a tremendous resource for the park and make a difference no matter the size of task they complete.  Volunteers are not only helping hands but ambassadors with a passion and purpose to serve. They bring diverse backgrounds, talents and skills that are pivotal to the preservation of the park's natural resources and habitat, upkeep of vehicles and facilities, fundraising, administrative tasks and operations, community outreach, and providing enjoyable educational programs and recreational opportunities.

Local artist Trish Vevera (left) shares her passion and talent teaching others on the techniques of painting plein air.

Celia Nolin leads multiple guided hikes on the trails within the parks, educating participants on identifying the native Florida flora.

Teresa Ryan volunteers on the turtle patrol team, assisting with training and scheduling. With over 20 years experience monitoring and working with sea turtles, her knowledge is key to the success of our sea turtle program.

Jim Slater recently replaced a dilapidated wooden work shelf with composite wood that will last for many years.

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